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Breakfast Bundle

Breakfast Bundle

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Introducing the Rebel Pastures Breakfast Bundle, a hearty selection curated to elevate your morning feast to new heights! Packed with our premium quality pasture raised proteins,  this bundle promises a mouthwatering start to your day.

🐖 2 pkg of Pasture Raised Bacon (12oz each)

🐖 2 pkg of Pasture Raised Pork Chorizo (1lb)

🐖2 pkgs of Pasture Raised Pork Breakfast Sausage Links (1lb each)

🐖 2 pkgs of Pasture Raised Pork Ground Sausage (1lb each)

🐖 2 pkgs of Pasture Raised Pork Breakfast Patties (1lb each)

🐓 2 pkgs pf Pasture Raised Chicken Sausage Ground (1lb each)

The Rebel Pastures Breakfast Bundle is your go-to choice for premium, farm-fresh breakfast delights.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Chicken Patties

Great quality breakfast sausage! Would recommend

Jacki K.
Breakfast happiness

Was looking for local pastured pork sausage that tasted great and wasn’t greasy. I found it! Thank you for the work you do to get this to me! Let me repeat how good it is 👏

Nancy V.
Amazing bacon!

This bacon has the best flavor! I was a bit hesitant because the description includes “sugar free” and I’d never considered that sugar was a thing when it comes to bacon! Our entire family absolutely loves this and I appreciate knowing it’s a much healthier product. Looking forward to more Rebel bacon in our futures!

anna s.
Pork breakfast sausage

Rebels pork sausage is very flavorful. We used it in our Christmas morning egg casserole and it was yummy.

Excellent AIP compliant bacon

I’m 8 weeks into the AIP diet and switching over all of my meats to pasture raised and grass fed and this is the best bacon I have found so far after trying 4 different mail order meat companies. It’s salty and yummy and everything you want in your bacon without all the nasty stuff in the store bought bacon. Will definitely be a repeat customer for the bacon alone, but so far all the other meat has been great as well.

Vicki R.
Wonderful flavor!

This is full of great flavor! Nice thicker cuts, not too fatty. Can tell a huge difference in flavor verse store bought (even if sugar and nitrate free). Will be bought on repeat!

John T.
Best Breakfast Sausage I've Ever Had

One word can describe this product, "clean". The flavor is fantastic; no aftertaste or strange texture. It's easily the best breakfast sausage I've ever had.

Kayla b.
The best!

This bacon is so good! It’s not too thin and not too thick and has tons of flavor!

Edy B.
Best bacon

This is by far the best bacon I have ever eaten. I bake it and store it in freezer. It maintains its great flavor. No more store bought bacon for me!

Justin B.
Our breakfast taco staple!

Group pork chorizo with scrambled eggs and cheese wrapped in a tortilla is my go to. Simple and easy yet amazingly flavorful. I will keep buying this.