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Pasture Raised Turkeys

Pasture Raised Turkeys

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Need a larger size? Order 2! Just think... double the wishbone, double the wishes.

These Heritage Breed Turkeys are truly pasture raised on grass, bugs and sunshine just like nature intended. Our friends at Hehlden Farms are raising these turkeys for us. They are moved daily to fresh pasture and supplemented with a Non-GMO grain. All Turkeys will come frozen and ready for pickup Mid-November.

The flavor will be better than anything you will find in the store.

Price is based on $5.95 per lb.

A couple things to remember with these Pasture-Raised Turkeys:

-They are NOT grown in a commercial barn and thus will have some variability unlike store bought barn-raised turkeys.

-They are processed locally in a state-inspected, family run processing facility. NOT a gigantic USDA controlled plant that dips their birds in sanitizing fluids. So you will see the occasional feather or piece of feather-just rinse it off.

- Because they were black feathered, heritage bred turkeys, NOT white commercial turkeys, they WILL have spots of pigment on their skin. This is NORMAL and perfectly fine.

While these things might make the normal consumer cringe, we know our Rebel customers will be just as excited as we are about them. Because it means you are buying a food that is raised slowly, thoughtfully, sustainably and locally.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amanda B.
Excellent Turkey!!

The turkey was fantastic and the brine recipe that came along with it was great!! Will definitely order again next year and looking forward to trying more from this farm!!

Stephanie M.
It made a wonderful first turkey!

This was the first Thanksgiving my husband and I hosted, and the first turkey we cooked! But it turned out great - crispy skin, moist meat, and very flavorful. We will be getting a turkey again next year! We ordered a 13lb and it easily fed 7 of us with leftovers.

Best turkey ever!

My nephew (10 years old) is a very picky eater (eats like 10 food items). He takes one bite and shouts “BEST turkey ever! This is the best turkey of my entire life.” His review speaks volumes, he ate an entire drum stick. And talked about it the rest of the day. Wish I got a photo.