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Pastured Chicken Hot Italian Sausage

Pastured Chicken Hot Italian Sausage

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This pack of hot Italian sausage is made from pasture-raised, rotationally moved chickens fed a healthy, non-GMO diet on a regeneratively farmed, sustainably managed landscape, promoting soil health and receiving plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Enjoy clean, delicious sausage from responsibly raised chickens.

Contains 5 links per pack. 

Ingredients: Rebel Chicken, water, salt, spices, paprika. Packed in collagen casing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leann D.
Full of flavor !

We have tried all of their chicken brats and they are so tasty. I like to have them on hand for a quick yummy meal but the best part for me is knowing the animals here are raised humanely with natural practices. Its a meat source I can trust! Thanks so much! :)

Edy B.

I thought the sausage was great. I will buy it again. The heat was just enough. It gave the sausage a good flavor but was not overpowering

hong m.

These hot suasuage are really good very well seasoned