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Rebel Pastures

Pullet (Baby) Eggs (30 Count Flats)

Pullet (Baby) Eggs (30 Count Flats)

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Pullet eggs are small eggs that come from a hen that just started laying. For the first 3-4 weeks, she lays these small eggs while her body matures and adjusts.

Let me just say, they taste DELICIOUS.

They are fun, bite-sized, and nutritious. (Great for pickling!)

While supplies last, we are selling 30 count flats of washed pullet eggs! (Located in the fridge)

Our Rebel eggs come from our hens that are raised on pasture and supplemented with NON-GMO grains. The yolks are a buttery, vibrant, yellow-orange. Not only can you see the difference from conventional store-bought eggs, but you will be able to taste it! 



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