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A Pasture-Raised Chicken Partnership: Rebel Pastures and Joe's Farm

We are committed to raising animals with care and attention to sustainable and regenerative practices. However, as the demand for pasture-raised chicken grew, we needed to find a partner who shared our values and commitment to ethical, regenerative farming. That's when we found Joe's Farm in Three Rivers, MI.

Meet Joe: The Farmer Behind Joe's Farm

Our journey with Joe started three years ago when we bought his used chicken crates through Facebook. We were impressed with his operations and drive to get pasture raised chicken to the people. Little did we know, this transaction would lead to a meaningful partnership. Joe Koopsen, the man behind Joe's Farm, started raising chickens at the age of 12 with just a few hens in his backyard. By 15, Joe had officially founded his farm.

Joe, like us, did not come from a farming background. His passion for poultry grew through 4-H and showing chickens, eventually outgrowing his backyard. With the support of his family, Joe expanded his operations, focusing on pastured poultry and regenerative farming methods.

Joe's Farm: A Commitment to Regenerative Farming

Joe's Farm is a first-generation family farm that produces high-quality food through regenerative methods. The farm emphasizes natural and sustainable practices, moving animals daily and rotating pastures to improve soil health and animal well-being. Joe's chickens enjoy a stress-free life, starting in a warm brooder barn and moving to the pasture at three weeks old. They roam freely, eating grass, nutrient-rich bugs, and non-GMO, antibiotic-free, hormone-free feed.

Joe’s approach aligns perfectly with our own: no shortcuts, no BS. Just hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of give a damn.

Why Joe’s Farm is a Perfect Partner

Joe’s positivity, ingenuity, and determination are the first things you notice when you meet him. Farming, and regenerative farming in particular, is not for the faint of heart, and Joe has the grit and passion to make it work.

The Rebel and Joe’s Farm Partnership

We are thrilled to be rebelling with Joe. His advocacy for regenerative farming mirrors our mission at Rebel Pastures. Together, we’re raising chickens that are not only better for you but also better for the planet. Our partnership ensures that we can meet the growing demand for our badass pasture-raised proteins without compromising our values.

Our meat doesn't just show up like it does on grocery store shelves. It’s the result of thoughtful planning, sustainable practices, and partnerships with responsible farmers like Joe.

Update: Chicken Restock!

We know it’s been a long four months without our pasture-raised chicken, and we appreciate your patience. We are thrilled to announce that the chicken restock is finally here - thanks to Joe’s Farm! If you haven’t already, sign up for our email or SMS list to be the first to know about our restocks and taste the difference that comes from a farm that gives a damn about every detail.

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