Have a question or need help? Call us at (616) 818-7198


How do I make an order?

Go to our website at https://www.rebelpastures.com. Click on the Farm Store link. Add your items to your cart. When you are finished shopping, go to your cart, and follow the prompts to check out. 


Where do I pick up my order? 

After you place your order, you will receive an email with the address of our farm. We are located in Rockford, MI on 10 Mile Rd. Our farm is between Young Ave and Ramsdell Ave.


What do you feed your chickens?

Our meat chickens live on pasture 24 hours a day. They eat grass, bugs, and grains. They are moved to fresh grass daily. They are also supplemented with Non-GMO grains that are purchased from a local mill in Michigan.

Our laying hens free-range in a protected area that is moved weekly. They are also supplemented with local Non-GMO grains.


Do you name your chickens?

For the sake of our hearts, we do not name our meat chickens. Our laying hens do have names. If you ask our 4 year old, 95% of our brown hens are named "Caramel".