Justin Bajema

Justin enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 2001. He served two tours of combat in Iraq as an Infantryman in 2003 and 2004. During his second tour, he was severely wounded in an ambush when an IED detonated directly beneath his vehicle.

Justin was awarded the Purple Heart medal by President George W. Bush. After 8 surgeries and recovering from wounds sustained, he was medically retired in 2005.

Since then, Justin has developed a diverse business background with over 15 years of experience in starting and building businesses from the ground up.

If you asked Justin in is younger years if he'd be farming, he would have laughed. Today, it's a rare day when he isn't in farm clothes and cowboy boots. As soon as you meet Justin, you can feel his intensity and drive. He has experienced first hand that life is too short and the only way to make a difference is to take action!

Jenni Bajema

Jenni’s entire professional adult life has been involved in building and operating small businesses. 

Jenni loves the amount of personal development that being a business owner has allowed in her life. She reads books, attends conferences and soaks up knowledge from numerous other successful entrepreneurs. She is a proud mom, a farmer, an investor, an adventure seeker and avid traveler.

Her love of animals runs strong. She is the one to watch over animal welfare. She trains the dogs, feeds the cats and makes sure everyone is healthy and happy. She's the eyes behind the photos and hands behinds the words that brings Rebel to the people. 

"Jules" Corr

Jules realized her passion for regenerative agriculture after reading Mark Shepard’s ‘Restoration Agriculture’. Baffled by the words ‘Restoration’ and ‘Agriculture’ combined into one book title, two seemingly opposite words, she curiously researched the subject more. The realization that agriculture could be restorative for people, land, and animals was consuming for her.

After completing her degree in Natural Resources Management at GVSU, Jules became a gardener for several years. Getting fed up with traditional landscapes, Jules took a permaculture design course and decided to start her own landscaping business, Edible Perennials, which specialized in integrating edible and native plants into the landscape. After working with Rebel Pastures during the winter months, Jules found her true calling, and combines her knowledge of plants with Rebel’s mission to regeneratively grow animals for greater animal welfare, human health, and the regeneration of our planet.

Jules wears many hats at Rebel Pastures, including handling shipping and local pick-up order fulfillment at Rebel’s fulfillment center. She assists with inventory operations and customer service. She also takes care of the farm animals. In her free time, Jules enjoys spending her time outside doing activities such as gardening, hiking, and camping.