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Grassfed Beef Chuck Roast

Grassfed Beef Chuck Roast

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Rebel Pastures grassfed and grass finished beef are raised outdoors on grass pastures, not in a barn or a feedlot. These cattle are free to graze at will. 

The Chuck Roast is cut from the forequarter of the cattle. This area has heavily exercised, well-developed muscles. Because this set of muscles is more exercised, it needs to be cooked slow and low to become tenderized. The Chuck Roast can become one of the most tender cuts if prepared properly. When properly cooked, the Chuck provides juicy, moist, melting tenderness in every single bite.  

This is a Rebel favorite for the slow cooker. Throw a Rebel Chuck Roast into your slow cooker along with potatoes and vegetables in the morning and come home to amazing smells and a real ready to be eaten. A solid and hardy meal with plenty of extras for a week of great sandwiches. 

A true Midwest dinner staple.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joyce S.
Best Roast ever

Made a christmas roast using this chuck and it received rave reviews and requests for a repeat appearance on the dinner table!

Pamela D.

Slow roasted this and it was fantastic. Best roast we’ve had in years!

Sunny D.
Delicious and tender

The meat from rebel pastures has been delicious and tender every time. We’re converts.