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Grassfed Beef Tenderloin "Filet Mignon"

Grassfed Beef Tenderloin "Filet Mignon"

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Rebel Pastures grassfed and grass finished beef are raised outdoors on grass pastures, not in a barn or a feedlot. These cattle are free to graze at will. 

If you love beef, THIS IS THE CUT above all cuts.. Filet Mignon! So many options on how to cook this prized piece of meat. 

The filet is the most tender cut of all. No matter how you prepare it, the filet is sure to please all who taste it. If you are looking for a smaller, more tender steak, this filet will not disappoint.

Cut from the tenderloin.

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Customer Reviews

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Great stuff!

Love shopping here and their grass-fed beef is all they claim it to be. A very satisfied customer. Thanks and keep up the great quality.

anna s.
Filets were wonderful

Purchased a couple of filets recently and they were great. Would highly recommend.