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Pastured Whole Chicken

Pastured Whole Chicken

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Enjoy clean eating with this whole chicken, raised out on our open pastures. Our chickens are rotationally moved daily to ensure they are always exposed to fresh pasture, air and sunlight. This chicken is fed a non-GMO diet and is sustainably and regeneratively farmed, resulting in healthy soil. We are confident that it will be the best chicken you have ever had. 

Because our meat is not injected with any water like conventional store chicken, these chickens are very solid. They will take 2-3 days in the refrigerator to thaw, but the wait is worth it!

They are full flavor and nutrients!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amee T.
So easy!

Roasted a chicken for Sunday dinner and it was delicious!

Our Local Go-To Farm! :)

We love having this farm so close to us for many of our needs. I love to cook these whole chickens in a crockpot. It's possible to make your own rotisserie in one...look on Pinterest! Plus you know there are no artificial ingredients in the process-you control how you season it. We are a family of two and a whole chicken goes a long way for us. :)

Jennifer A.

Our chicken was fantastic. So nice to be able to support local farmers and get quality meat on our table!

Kaitlin C.
So Grateful

So grateful to find a quality local source of chicken. Thank you so much!

merry o.

Bought our first whole chicken at the farmers market in Rockford and loved it! The texture was so different from store bought chicken and I didn’t wonder where it came from. Very good flavor. Enjoyed it so much we bought 2 more on line! Thank you Rebel Pastures for your dedication to raising these pastured chickens.

Rob H.
Excellent quality

Chicken from Rebel Pastures is a humanely raised quality and tasty meat.

Harold B.
Quality Plus w/o the fuss

Cleanest poultry that I’ve ever had. No soggy sponge inside the packaging and w/o the running juices that is typical with Big Store poultry.
Delicious 😋