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Pastured Chicken Bundle

Pastured Chicken Bundle

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Indulge in the premium quality and taste of Rebel Pastures' Pastured Chicken Bundle. This bundle contains diverse selection of cuts for various cooking styles and preferences! Each cut is nutrient-rich, flavorful meat, a result of natural, pasture-raised farming without the use of antibiotics, hormones or additives. The Pastured Chicken Bundle makes an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers and culinary enthusiasts alike. 

This bundle contains:

  • 2 x Pastured Chicken Thighs - Bone In 1.5-2 lbs (4 thighs)
  • 4 x Pastured Chicken Drumsticks 1 - 1.25lb avg
  • 2 x Pastured Chicken Hot Italian Sausage Links 1 lb (5 links)
  • 1 x Pastured Chicken Cheddar Jalapeño Bratwurst Links 1 lb (5 Links)
  • 2 x Pastured Chicken Cheddar Cheese Bratwurst Links 1 lb (5 links)
  • 4 x Chicken Wings - Party Style 1-1.3lbs avg
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Juiciest Drums Ever!!

I love to coat these drums with some good olive oil,
then rub with a mix of coarse salt, ground papper, paprika and garlic powder. Bake at 425 for an hour and the entree portion of dinner is done!

Rick E.
Chicken Drums

Picked up some chicken drumsticks from Rebel Pastures and they were the best drums I have ever had. Large in size and lots of meat and you can taste the high quality. I will be ordering again.

Tarah S.
So good!

You can taste the quality! Delicious!

Evan R.

Perfect, great flavor

Stephanie M.

We made these last night by cooking in the sous vide then frying them in the Wok and they turned out sooo well! Crispy skin and juicy inside. They were fantastic with just salt and pepper for seasoning. We served them with a homemade coleslaw and potato salad and it was a delicious dinner.

Ruth F.
Amazing wings

Fried these in our air fryer with just salt, and they were amazing! Can't wait to try with other flavor combinations.

Sharon D.

We simply baked these with seasonings and they were tender and delicious! Will definitely be buying more soon.

S N.
Incredible Flavor!

Our family love's the chicken from Rebel Pastures! The flavor is incredible!

Mandy S.

Easy ordering! Easy pickup! The drumsticks where huge and delicious. We will definitely be using Rebel Pastures again.

Leslie N.

Clean, high quality chicken, fantastic on the grill or baked! Happy to have this farm nearby!