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Rebel Pastures

Pastured Chicken Eggs - Local Pick Up (1 Dozen)

Pastured Chicken Eggs - Local Pick Up (1 Dozen)

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Our Rebel eggs come from our hens that are raised on pasture and supplemented with NON-GMO grains. The yolks are a buttery, vibrant, yellow-orange. Not only can you see the difference from conventional store-bought eggs, but you will be able to taste it! Washed and Unwashed eggs available!

Washed Eggs: Must be stored in the refrigerator.

Unwashed eggs: Can be stored on your countertop or in the refrigerator. Wash eggs in warm water just before using. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Ned I.
Great eggs!

This is what id expect from pasture raised eggs! Noticeable difference in the color, flavor, and richness of the yolk.

Amy H.
Now These are What Eggs Should Taste Like!

What is not to like about Rebel Pasture's eggs? They have golden yolks that stand up in the pan, not like the pale yellow yolks that swim around in runny, watery whites like store bought options. Above this, is their flavor...a rich, buttery taste our family now craves. Some eggs even have double yolks! We know the chickens that produce these eggs eat a healthy, natural diet which in turns feeds us in a healthy way. Seeing how the chickens live in the fresh pasutre air with plenty of room to roam during a recent farm tour really helped cement our choice to make these eggs part of our regular diet. Thank you, Rebel Pasture farmers, for your hard work and dedication to creating such a special place which should be a model for all farms!

Renee S.
Wonderful flavor

I do not like eggs, normally. In fact, other than when I needed some for a recipe, I would not buy them. Until now! I cannot fathom ever buying eggs anywhere else. I actually like the taste! I Rebel Pastures clearly treat their chickens well, feed them well, and naturally, and it truly makes a huge difference.

Liz W.

These eggs are absolutely the best eggs ever!! And the price is outstanding!! Their order online and self service pick up make it so easy too. Love love love!!!

Carrie A.
Pickled Eggs!

These are the perfect size for pickled eggs. Used two different recipes and both turned out delicious! I love these "snack size" eggs!

Miranda P.
Great little eggs!

I got the pullet eggs and they are wonderful! Will definitely be getting more!

Krysta M.
Best eggs ever!

I got the 30 count pullet eggs to try and they are legit my favorite now!!

Heather B.
Poullet review

Love these! They are so delicious!

Kris C.
Best local eggs

Thank you Rebel Pastures for providing local, fresh eggs. I recently heard about Rebel Pastures and decided to check them out. The eggs are fantastic! It's great to order and pay online and also just stop in and purchase them. Keep bringing fresh, organic products to Rockford.

RIck A.
Wonderful Eggs

Rebel Pastures' eggs are wonderful and much more flavorful than the typical grocery store eggs.