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Rebel Pastures

Pastured Chicken Eggs (1 Dozen)

Pastured Chicken Eggs (1 Dozen)

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Our Rebel eggs come from our hens that are raised on pasture and supplemented with NON-GMO grains. The yolks are a buttery, vibrant, yellow-orange. Not only can you see the difference from conventional store-bought eggs, but you will be able to taste it!

Because they are unwashed, they do not need to be refrigerated. You can store them on your countertop or put them in the refrigerator. Wash eggs in warm water just before using.  As we have a diverse flock of hens, eggs will vary in size and color.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Chelsea R.
Best eggs around

Hands down our favorite place to get eggs, you can tell they must be some happy chickens!

Kristy C.
The best eggs!!!

I live just down the hill from Rebel Pastures, and now it is the ONLY place I buy my eggs! Quality is always excellent, and the ability to go there anytime 7a-7p and pick up eggs, paying from a QR code - so fast and convenient ❤️. I love that they collect their empty egg containers for re-use!

Jodi c.

Best eggs ever..great size and the yolk is a beautiful color

Kelly G.
One of the better things we’ve done for our family’s health

By far, the best eggs around! The organic work that goes into these chickens is outstanding! We do not buy eggs from any other farmer.

Kathy K.
Farm Fresh Delicious

From the ease of ordering to the pickup it such a nice experience. The produce and meats are fresh and wonderful tasting. We love the flavorful eggs. Thanks for providing nutritious food for our family. Locally raised and sold.

Heather B.
Farm fresh eggs

Rebel eggs are amazing. We love them at our house. We know how they are produced and how the chickens are treated at rebel farms. Definitely not a mass production line.

Amy M.
Eggs and chicken

I just can’t get enough of Rebel Eggs and chicken. I buy extras to share as my friends and family love the golden yellow yolks. And, the chicken pieces are always distinctively delicious.

Best tasting eggs!

At our house we refer to the Rebel eggs as the "good eggs." These are the most coveted eggs in our home. I love using them in custard, and for a non-eating egg person, I really love them eating them on their own. They are that tasty! On top of the good tasting eggs, Rebel Farms is doing it right. I love support small, local business that put their heart into their business and doing it conscious way. Please go and support our local farms!

We love the eggs!

We love Rebel Pastures eggs! They are the best. Highly recommend to try out their eggs or other offerings.

Brittany S.
New favorite eggs

After buying free range eggs in the store, nothing compares the flavor of these eggs. They cook up even and are an excellent flavor. Our kids could even tell the difference!