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Rebel Pastures

1 doz Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs (**ON-FARM PICKUP ONLY**)

1 doz Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs (**ON-FARM PICKUP ONLY**)

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PLEASE NOTE: These eggs are for local on-farm pickup ONLY.

Our Rebel eggs come from our hens that are raised on pasture and supplemented with NON-GMO grains. The yolks are a buttery, vibrant, yellow-orange. Not only can you see the difference from conventional store-bought eggs, but you will be able to taste it! Washed and Unwashed eggs available!

SOLD OUT EGGS: If eggs are sold out, the eggs in the pick up room are already purchased. Sign up for the Back In Stock notifications to be the first to receive an email when more eggs are added!

Washed Eggs: Must be stored in the refrigerator.

Unwashed eggs: Can be stored on your countertop or in the refrigerator. Wash eggs in warm water just before using if desired.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews

This is how eggs are SUPPOSED to taste

Pam T.
Best fresh eggs; it's a no-brainer win-win

My family goes through 3-4 dozen eggs per week, so the quality of that food is important to us. The Rebel Pastures eggs are noticeably better--they look better, they taste better, and I can feel confident that I am feeding my family a clean product with no antibiotics or hormones. The extra trip once a week to pick them up is well worth it. Feeding my family better and supporting local farms is just a no-brainer win-win.

Amazing !

I am all about cruelty free farms, and you get that at Rebel farms. I believe in pasture raised chickens and I didn't realize some of the companies that claim to raise pasture raised chickens actually aren't, they use legal loopholes. I plan on buying much more product. The eggs were wonderful

Eric W.
Delicious Fresh Eggs

Our first order from this farm was convenient and easy. We picked up eggs after hours and were very pleased with the process. The eggs were absolutely delicious! We definitely will be back!

Michelle M.
Rebel fresh eggs

We love purchasing our fresh eggs from Rebel Pastures. My husband and I can taste the difference from store bought. They’re delicious and we feel good knowing we’re getting top quality for what we pay. No surprises !

Kristen F.
Love Local Eggs!

We go through so many eggs at our house every week, we love these local eggs and the easy pick up!

Farm fresh eggs

I heard about rebel pastors from Chef Jenna at Amore and decided I had to try them. The eggs are beautiful and so fresh. The yolks are delicious golden color. I would highly recommend rebel pastures.

Casey A.
Love these eggs!

Rebel has the tastiest eggs! Love being able to support a local farm.

Lauren J.
Shelf stable

I appreciate that they offer shelf stable eggs so I don't have to store in my fridge. The eggs were very good!

Justin B.
My daily breakfast go to!

Rebel eggs are my go to eggs of choice. Truly pasture raised, real regenerative farming. Great products and amazing people! Food as it was intended. These guys bust their asses off to raise these Badass Pastured Proteins!