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Farming for Freedom

Just in the past week, we have had three people call and tell us that they are seeking a cleaner food source after being diagnosed with a type of cancer. Our own story of illness from the food supply is the same. Unfortunately, we live in a world dominated by big agriculture, where profit is #1 and health and well-being rarely even make it on the list. Farming was once was simple and clean, but is now tainted by GMOS and -cides (pesticide, herbicide, fungicide). Because of stories like the ones above, we’ve decided to start a fight against this destruction. This is not your typical fight, our weapons are plants, manure💩 and determination. It is a rebellion against the corporate giants that have controlled our food system for far too long. It’s a rebellion for freedom, both for the farmers and for the consumers. 4th of July is the perfect time to highlight our mission and shed light on the path to a more sustainable and free future.


1. Reclaiming Our Food Sovereignty:

Big Ag has turned our food system into a profit-driven machine, where the health of the land and the well-being of the people are secondary concerns. However, a growing movement of small-scale farmers like Rebel are flipping the script. We understand that healthy soil, diverse pastures, and regenerative farming techniques are the way forward. By rejecting conventional growing systems, we’re reclaiming the freedom to focus on nutritious, safe, and eco-friendly food.


2. Empowering Local Communities:

When we rely on Big Ag, we become dependent on a complex system of middle men that separates us from the source of our food. Our rebellion of farming for freedom aims to break this chain and empower local communities. By supporting small-scale farmers and local food systems, we can create resilient communities that are less vulnerable to the Bigs (Big Ag, Big Government, Big Media, etc). Whether it’s through social media, farm visits or Wine Down Wednesdays, we want our customers to KNOW where their food comes from so they can make their own decisions. Through these direct relationships, we regain control over our food choices and strengthen the fabric and health of our communities.


3. Nurturing Biodiversity and Environmental Responsibility:

Big agriculture has transformed vast tracts of land into monocultures, leaving no room for nature's diversity to flourish. Rebel recognizes the importance of biodiversity and environmental stewardship. We embrace farming techniques that mimic the laws of nature. A healthy functioning ecosystem is essential for sustainable farming. By nurturing biodiversity and practicing ecological farming methods, we not only preserve our farm’s viability but also the health of the planet and the individuals we feed.


4. Preserving Traditional Knowledge and the Family Farm:

The rise of big agriculture has eroded the family farm and marginalized small farmers. We're rebelling against the push for uniformity and embracing the unique traditions and heritage of our local communities. We recognize the wisdom passed down through generations and the deep connection between farmers, their land and their communities. By embracing these practices, we can regain our autonomy and breathe life back into the people.


We’re challenging the status quo by taking a stand against big agriculture, fighting for sustainability, freedom, and a better food system. You have the power to make a difference with the way you spend your dollar. Choose to support local farmers, engage in sustainable food practices, and spread the word about our movement. Together, we’ll forge a path towards a future where freedom, farming and food go hand in hand.


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