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Pork Bacon (Sugar Free)

Pork Bacon (Sugar Free)

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Our pastured bacon comes from our heritage breed pigs, raised in forested areas, with access to fresh air, sunshine, and rooting privileges 24/7. Our pigs are regeneratively and sustainably-farmed. Enjoy this delicious sliced bacon for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Cured with celery juice powder and sea salt. No added nitrites or nitrates, & Sugar-Free!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Amy O.
Cha cha chorizo! So delicious

Really like Rebel Farms chorizo. Perfect for an egg scramble, Mexican chili or any other recipe that you want to add a meat kick to. Rebel Farms is our go-to for healthy meat and eggs. Thank you.

Renee S.
All other bacon fails in taste, consistency, and satisfaction

There is literally no other bacon I will purchase from now on. I cannot go back to supermarkets/Costco bacon anymore. Rebel Pastures once again ruins all other meat products for me, other than what I get from them!!!!

Zandra P.
Ground Breafast Sausage

Yummy. So glad yo have found sugar free sausage. Can't wait to try everything else in the Breakfast Package. I will absolutely purchase this again.

Zandra P.
Sausage Patties

The sausage patties are so delicious. Not fatty, beautiful spicing and flavor. Will definitely purchase again!!!

Shelley C.
Sugar Free Pork

Finally, I have found sugar free sausage! And it takes soooo good! Love it!

anna s.
Breakfast patties

Yummy, yummy yummy. Highly recommend

Shelley C.
Link sausages

Delicious! Will purchase again!

Chicken Patties

Great quality breakfast sausage! Would recommend

Jacki K.
Breakfast happiness

Was looking for local pastured pork sausage that tasted great and wasn’t greasy. I found it! Thank you for the work you do to get this to me! Let me repeat how good it is 👏

Nancy V.
Amazing bacon!

This bacon has the best flavor! I was a bit hesitant because the description includes “sugar free” and I’d never considered that sugar was a thing when it comes to bacon! Our entire family absolutely loves this and I appreciate knowing it’s a much healthier product. Looking forward to more Rebel bacon in our futures!