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Grassfed Lamb Steak (Bone-In)

Grassfed Lamb Steak (Bone-In)

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This top-quality Grassfed Lamb Steak is pasture-raised and grass-finished, meaning the animals are able to feast on the highest quality grass, leading to the highest quality meat. This clean eating process also ensures a more sustainable approach to farming, focused on soil health and regenerative farming practices. Get the highest quality meat with the benefits of fresh air and sunshine! 

These Grassfed lamb steaks are from our 100% Grassfed and grass finished pasture raised lambs. We move our lambs every 1-2 days onto fresh pasture to ensure the best living conditions and quality of meat. If you know lamb, you will NOT be disappointed!

Contains: 1 Steak.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gina T.
Better than rack of lamb

Bought these as a trial to try a different kind of meat. We are not a big fan of lamb. This style cut changes the flavor and taste of lamb. We are hooked. Oh wait, don't buy it not good. That way it won't be sold out haha. Packaging is a deal breaker for me when ordering from small business. I have to say Rebel does a good job of packaging. Can't wait to taste the chicken and steak

CustomerJill V.
Ground Lamb

Using Lamb mixed with grass-fed beef makes a wonderful tasting meatloaf or
use ground lamb in "shepherd pie"!

P. F.
Grassfed Leg of Lamb

Bought one for Christmas and again for New Years celebration.
Since moving in USA and buying meat from grocery stores I had forgotten how the real lamb tasted like.
Rebel Pastures, you are making it very hard for me to buy meat at grocery store again:)

Joellen T.
Christmas Eve Leg of Lamb

I purchased the leg of lamb for Christmas Eve dinner for my small family (5 adults 1 toddler). Never cooked leg of lamb before, and was worried how it would turn out. Well, I worried for nothing. I followed a Mediterranean recipe for leg of lamb with potatoes and Lebanese rice. It was wonderful! Lamb was fall off the bone, and so good! My older son who is a meat connoisseur said it was perfect, due in large part to the quality of the meat (not to dis my cooking skills!)

Bryan W.
Maybe I m cooking it wrong

This is the first time I’ve been disappointed in a piece of meat. It seem to have a lot of sinew, but maybe, I was cooking it wrong. If someone knows how to cook this, please let me know.

merry o.

Made our Rebel lamb shoulder in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots for Easter. Our family loved it!! The lamb was very tender and mild. Definitely will be trying the chops next!

Amy M.
Delicious lamb

Rebel lamb is a treat to enjoy. We were so impressed with the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Lamb is yet another product to put on your “must buy” list.