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Pasture Raised Ground Pork (1lb)

Pasture Raised Ground Pork (1lb)

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Our 1lb package of Ground Pork are from heritage breed pigs raised in a forest and pasture environment with fresh air, sunshine, and natural rooting behavior. They are fed a non-GMO feed and are farmed in sustainable, regenerative ways that promote soil and animal health. Enjoy Clean Eating with this delicious, responsibly sourced meat!

Simple, but definitely not plain! Ground pork is extremely versatile. Use it for tacos, meatloaf, meatballs, casseroles, or season to make your own sausage. 

Texturally Rebel ground pork is similar to sausage, but will come unseasoned. It's mild enough to add to any of your favorite recipes or sauces without it taking away from any flavors. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karen D.
Great quality ground pork

Flavorful, versatile and lean!!! I used 1/2 for Swedish meatballs and the other 1/2 was used in my new fav recipe, Spicy Pork + Miso soup!
This was the first time trying the pork, now I’m a fan!

Stephanie M.
Makes great meatballs!

I've been buying this ground pork to use in my Swedish meatball recipe and it's been great. I love that I can feel confident in the quality of my purchase and that quality shines through in my meatballs! We love Rebel!

Ken C.

I have lost 72lbs since April on the Carnivor diet. My morning go to is pork and eggs. I usually have to season the tasteless meat from the store. Not with this product. Salt & Pepper and go. Haven't tasted ground pork like this in 30 years. Thanks guys.

Perfect for eggrolls!

This ground pork is such great quality that I'm only buying it from here now!

Bryan W.
Kickn’ up the flavor

Once again, you can taste/smell the freshness. This is my burger recipe my grandchildren loved. 1 lb Rebel pork, 2 lbs of Venison, 1 diced med onion sauté , 1 Rebel egg from happy hens,1 tbl Worcestershire, 1/2 cup bread crumbs, 2 tbl Montreal steak seasoning. Don’t over cook

Carrie A.
Ground Pork

This was the best ground pork I've had. Clean, tasty & very versatile. Will definitely be getting this more often!