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Pork Italian Sausage Ground (Sugar Free)

Pork Italian Sausage Ground (Sugar Free)

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This savory Italian sausage is made with our heritage breed of pork, raised on forested pastures and fed non-GMO feed. It's a clean-eating option, with access to fresh air and sunshine, as well as areas for rooting and foraging. To top it off, it's regeneratively farmed, creating positive environmental impacts and promoting soil and animal health.

Delicious, fresh, excellent seasoning. This is a sausage that will become a staple to your dinner table. Sausage made from our pasture-raised pork will be the best you have ever had. 

Pastured Pork, Water, Salt, Spices, Extractives of Paprika.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Renee S.
Pork excellence

It does not matter what you get at Rebel Pastures - you won’t be disappointed. I did not used to be a pork person but since I found RP I buy more and more as the quality is amazing and totally changed my opinion and I will always buy all meat at RP!

Bob S.
Literally the best

This is the best Itilian sausage Ive ever had. Not super greasy or pasty like the stuff at the grocery store. Put it on pizza.

Best Pork Chops!

I have had both the boneless and bone-in pork chops from Rebel Farms and they are by far the best I have ever eaten. They are juicy, flavorful and very tender. Don’t make the mistake of overcooking. These should be prepared slightly pink in the middle. You won’t be disappointed!

anna s.
Italian pork sausage was yummy

Would highly recommend Rebel's Italian pork sausage. It was great in pasta sauce or just patties for breakfast.

Karen D.
Great quality ground pork

Flavorful, versatile and lean!!! I used 1/2 for Swedish meatballs and the other 1/2 was used in my new fav recipe, Spicy Pork + Miso soup!
This was the first time trying the pork, now I’m a fan!

Giiiiiiiirlllll….. these chops are GOOD

We’re making our way through all the meat we ordered in our first order and….OMG. Wow. This is the best pork chop I think I’ve ever had in my life. I had a very simple dry rub on it and it was the juiciest more flavorful thing I’ve had all week! And they were huge - we got the 1.35 lb pack and I couldn’t finish 1 whole chop myself. At this point, I think I’ll be a customer for life. THANK YOU for making these badass and delish pastured proteins!!!!

Just placed my second order not even 2 weeks after our first! 💚

Stephanie M.
Makes great meatballs!

I've been buying this ground pork to use in my Swedish meatball recipe and it's been great. I love that I can feel confident in the quality of my purchase and that quality shines through in my meatballs! We love Rebel!

Denise W.
Tasty fresh meat!

Love Rebel Pastures! Delicious fresh meat!
order and pick up.
Wonderful customer service!
Very helpful staff.

Brett S.

best brats I have ever had!

Ken C.

I have lost 72lbs since April on the Carnivor diet. My morning go to is pork and eggs. I usually have to season the tasteless meat from the store. Not with this product. Salt & Pepper and go. Haven't tasted ground pork like this in 30 years. Thanks guys.