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Flying W Ranch

Pastured Italian Sausage (1lb)

Heritage Berkshire, 100% Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Feed

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Delicious, fresh, excellent seasoning. This is a sausage that will become a staple to your dinner table. Sausage made from our pasture-raised pork will be the best you have ever had. 

All of our pork products come from Flying W Ranch in Rockford, Michigan. This Veteran-Owned and operated farm raises heritage breed Berkshire hogs on rotated pasture. Antibiotics and hormone free. They eat a natural diet of seasonal pasture, vegetables, and Non-GMO grains. 

Ingredients: Pastured Pork, Salt, Fennel, Pepper, Sugar, Paprika.

Customer Reviews

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Joyce S.
Fresh and flavorful

I love being able to get this lightly seasoned sausage from local sources.