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Pastured Chicken Bones Broth Kit

Pastured Chicken Bones Broth Kit

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Also referred to as "Chicken Backs", these bones will make the best tasting, most nutritious broth you have ever had. They include the bones left over after the breast, drums and thighs are removed. These packages are 3lb average and contain the bones from 2 chickens.

Want to make your own broth? Check out our Pastured Bone Broth Recipe!

Our Rebel chickens live 100% outside on pasture and are supplemented with a non-GMO feed mix. They eat grass and bugs, feel the sunshine, and breath fresh air. We are confident that it will be the best chicken you have ever had.

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Customer Reviews

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Fenna D.

I have been making bone broth for over 40 years and usually use bones I collect over time and freeze. My mother grew up on a farm and always made chicken soup from scratch for my family, so I learned my techniques from her. I have never bought a kit before, so I was curious about simply using backs. It turned out great, and am so pleased that I don't have to wait for a collection of bones any more, but will have Rebel brothe kits to fall back on! Thanks Jenny and Justin for your commitment to regenerative farming, and honoring Mother Earth!

Yummy Bone Broth

Second time ordering their chicken backs and feet to make my own bone broth. I ordered enough the first time to make 4 batches of broth and each turned out perfectly. Items are packaged well and easy to use. I will be a long time customer!

Casey A.
Great for Bone Broth!

Made some bone broth (usually use a rotisserie chicken carcass) and it turned out delicious! I will definitely be buying these from now on!

Great for broth!

First time making my own broth and it turned out delicious thanks to the chicken bones, we will definitely be purchasing again. Thanks Rebel!

Nutritious and substantial portion size

WOAH. I normally cook beef broth because I think it's harder to save/work with small chicken bones. But when I saw this kit I wanted to give chicken broth a try! I've never seen chicken backs and was surprised by the amount of meat on them. I roasted the chicken backs before putting them in an instant pot and following my normal broth recipe. It turned out SO WELL! The broth gelled up a bit after cooling - nice and thick. This morning I had a warm glass of broth with some lemon in it... delicious! I will need to stock up on bones so I can keep making this awesome broth :)

Barbara S.

I was surprised with these chicken backs. They made incredibly great chicken stock the soup. I ate it both ways. Good the soup to friends for lunch and everyone remarked on it! I make chicken rice soup with some regularity, usually with a whole chicken, but this seemed better somehow. Also, there was more meat than anticipated. Love my Rebel Pastures!.

Gena R.
Best Bones for Broth!!

I've made two batches of bone broth using these broth kits in my crockpot. I strain it and then freeze it so I do not need to purchase commercial broth from the grocery store. It's absolutely delicious!


So pleased with this product! Definitely recommend. I called to ask how to best prepare and the owners were so friendly and helpful.

Hilary B.
Only the best for our best!

We love getting these for our Great Pyrenees. He is not a picky eater, but even he won’t eat chicken from the grocery store anymore because he’s gotten so spoiled on Rebel’s! Their barn store makes everything super convenient!