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Pastured Chicken Cheddar Cheese Bratwurst

Pastured Chicken Cheddar Cheese Bratwurst

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Our Pastured Chicken Cheddar Cheese Bratwurst (1lb Links) is a premium product that many clean eating advocates swear by! Our chicken are raised on grass pastureland that provide fresh air, sunshine and non-GMO feed, while being rotationally moved and regeneratively farmed for an enhanced soil health. Our chickens are given no antibiotics and are sustainably farmed for an unbeatable taste.

Contains 5 links per pack.

Ingredients: Rebel Chicken, cheddar cheese, water, salt, spices, dextrose, onion. Packed in collagen casing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dawn H.
Absolutely Delicious Brats

I had read good reviews about the chicken and cheddar brats so I bought 2 pkgs for my family to try. They WERE absolutely delicious! Everyone loved them and said to get more so I did - 5 pkgs!

Tyler D.
My Socks Are Gone

Blew my socks straight off my feet. These brats slap harder than my 90's alternative playlist. All jokes aside, I've never been tasted better brats. These are the kind of brats you eat with your best friends while blasting Creed. With arms wide open, thank you!

Sherry D.
Best Chicken Ever!

We purchased several different pieces of chicken parts for the first time. The shipping was fast, frozen, packed and labeled. It made everything easy for us! The customer service by email was great too! Very fast responses. I finally cooked the chicken this past weekend, and my family and I all agree that Rebel Pastures has the BEST CHICKEN EVER!! We will be buying more! All organic too!

Joellen T.
Super Bowl chicken wings were super!

I purchased two packages of the chicken wings, got a bakers dozen (13 wings). Dried and seasoned, cooked them in the air fryer, and tossed them in buffalo wing sauce. They were a big hit! Crispy and meaty, no leftovers!

Gloria C.
Great Chicken Brats!

The brats cooked up beautifully on the grill. I will order again!

Julie N.
Best brats !

Some of the best chicken brats we have tried yet,


The chicken & cheese brats are sooooo good!

Jennifer M.
Excellent Brats!

These are so good! We loved them! Definitely recommend and will order again!

Justin B.
Amazing Chicken Brats!

These chicken cheddar cheese brats are AWESOME! Tasty, juicy and easy to grill for a simple meal. These have very quickly become a favorite in our family.

Superbowl Wings

I bought these wings last year for Superbowl Sunday and they have become a great treat for us! Highly recommend for meaty, juicy wings!