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Grassfed, Rotationally Grazed, Non-GMO

There's no big Ag here. We're rebelling against big agriculture and it's destructive practices. We're restoring the land using regenerative and sustainable farming practices to heal our land and health.

Truly Pasture Raised Chicken grown in West Michigan

Rebelling against Big Agriculture

Industrialized farming systems of mass-produced livestock in feedlots and high-capacity barns are destroying our earth, our health and the very food system most rely upon.

Pasture Raised Chickens in West Michigan

Regeneratively and Sustainably Farmed

We raise grassfed cattle, heritage pigs, sheep, broiler chickens and egg layers all outdoors. Our animals are raised outside on pasture, bugs and fresh air like nature intended, not in giant industrialized agricultural barns with tens of thousands of animals stuffed together or in huge confined feed lots.

Pasture Raised Sheep in West Michigan

Rotationally Grazed

We use regenerative farming practices and rotational grazing practices with all of our animals. As they move they are naturally fertilizing the pastures. The land helps feed the animals and in return the animals feed the land. 

Justin Bajema of Rebel Pastures

Life Outdoors

All of our animal species live their best possible lives outside in their natural environments as nature intended. Our pigs live in forested paddocks that we move every other week as they root up the land. Then the land is allowed to rest and rejuvenate.